Different types of wooden tools and its importance

If you are new to wood work, you must be confused which tools you would need the most and where to spend your money. You grow as a woodworker. Some are the basic tools that you definitely need in your kit once you decide to build furniture or your new wooden home. Here is a list of tools https://mytoolsgallery.com/ that you will need to consider from the furniture point of view.


The most important will be a log splitter. Gone are the days when you needed to chop wood by an axe. A splitter will make your job so much easier and quicker. You don’t have to even train yourself on how to use it as you only have to set up the log with the machine and you will get wooden pieces in the desired sizes. Later on, even if you want bonfire in your house, it will take you only minutes to get the wooden pieces ready.

Random Orbidal Sander

The blade helps in sanding while doing a random orbital action. The modern technology of best random orbital sander does it smoothly and is pretty easy to set up. The tool will not Random Orbidal Sanderleave any marks as it does not repeat its movement twice on the same area. Thus, if you are sanding wood, sander will be very beneficial and make your job easy. It even has dust collectors in modern designs.


When it comes to perfect furniture, a wood which is perfectly smooth looks the best. The only way you could achieve that is by using a good quality spokeshave. There are different kinds built for different purposes, for example with flat bottom, concave soles or convex soles. You need to purchase according to your needs. When building a canoe, they play an important role. You need their use when it comes to carving of kayak paddles or canoe.

A hand plane

Furniture cannot be built without the use of a hand plane. It can flatten the wood, reduce its thickness and bring it to more appropriate shape. Yes, it needs a lot of muscle power. They are different planes like scrub plane, jack plane, jointer plane, smoothing plane and polishing pane which help in solving various issues related to the wood. They could be made of metal or just wood with a blade attached to it.  If the wood is rising a little higher than required you can scrub it down using the scrub plane.

Table Saw

Other tools are used around the table saw and it is one of the most essential tools if you want to keep the work organized. You’ll have to check your budget and buy one according to it.


In the beginning, a router with a stationery base model will be able to cover all the minimal tasks regarding wooden work.

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